Wylie's Baths

Wylie's Baths

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Wylie's Baths is a tidal pool near Coogee Beach, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, noted for holding the first Australian Swimming Championships and for being one of the first swimming baths for mixed gender swimming in Australia.

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Just south of Coogee Beach along the coastal walk, Wylie's Baths has a picturesque canopy and kiosk elevated above the pool to provide panoramic views over the ocean. The baths were established in 1907. The historic pool also boasts Massage by the Sea, an outdoor seaside massage therapy centre where you can get warm rocks placed on your back as you eavesdrop on the swimmers below. Plus, there's a saltwater ladies pool just north of Wylie's that's recently undergone work from the council.
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Experience the unique Sydney thrill of semi-wild swimming at sea baths in Coogee. Wylie’s is quite the scene with yoga and Pilates classes on site, while intimate Giles Baths permits just 10 swimmers at a time.
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Just south of Coogee Beach is Wylie’s Baths, offering sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. The pool was established in 1907 by champion long-distance and underwater swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie whose daughter Wilhelmina was among the first Australian female Olympians and won a silver medal in swimming.
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Wylie’s is a wild child of Sydney’s tidal ocean pools. No lanes are marked and swimmers know to expect crazy dumping waves at high tide and an underwater mystery tour: a spiky sea urchin or an octopus’s orange-rust-red arm might shift slowly at a rock edge; darting bream interrupt a stroke; and turban snails that gleam like pearls and flitting little fish with electric-blue markings can distract from any work at hand. High above the pool, a cliff-hugging deck is a fine place for sunbathing.
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