Point Dume State Beach

Point Dume State Beach


Point Dume is a promontory on the coast of Malibu, California that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The point, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay. Point Dume Headlands Park affords a vista of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Santa Catalina Island. Zuma Beach lies to its immediate northwest.

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You’ve inevitably seen Point Dume’s iconic rock face in movies, TV shows and commercials—but for us, its beauty outranks its fame. You can pay for parking in the lot ($3–$15) or hunt for a free space along Westward Beach Road just outside of the entrance, but either way you’ll be rewarded with a wide and rarely crowded patch of sand. Pack a picnic for a beachfront meal as seals and dolphins frolic in the sunset surf, or climb an easygoing dirt path to the top of the point.
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Point Dume is a rocky headland jutting southward into the Pacific Ocean, next to a fine beach and community of the same name. Views from the top of the headland are phenomenal, stretching over sandy beaches and sea cliffs on both sides, as well as over the open Pacific Ocean. On a clear day, you can see the Channel and Catalina Islands. In addition to hiking, the area is great for beachgoers, nature lovers, and rock climbers.
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Characterized by an angular cliff on a promontory jutting out in the Pacific, Point Dume is a popular spot for people looking for a less crowded beach experience. If you get there early, you might find a free spot along Westward Beach Road near The Sunset restaurant. There is also paid parking a little past the restaurant nearer to the promontory. Still, check the state government website for updates on parking restrictions.
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Planet of the Apes: In the final scene of the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" Charlton Heston devastatingly bemoans his fate that he is stuck on a ruined Earth, poignantly shown when the camera moves to the mutilated top-half of the Statue of Liberty rising out of the beach next to a rocky promontory. During filming the scale replica of the Statue of Liberty was planted in the sand for the entire summer.
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From this beautiful promontory with cliffs and coves in Malibu, you can see Catalina Island to the north and Santa Monica Bay to the south. Two miles of scenic trails through grasslands and coastal bluffs offer biodiversity along your hike. The beach is readily accessible for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, or fishing if you and your date are feeling sporty. This designated State Natural Preserve teems with wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for everything from dolphins to lizards.
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Take a stroll along the cliffs to get phenomenal sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and beach. Close your eyes and take it all in. We recommend listening to Day 1 of our 7 Days of Gratitude program on your visit.
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