Banff National Park

Banff National Park



The serendipitous discovery of a natural hot spring in the rugged depths of the Canadian Rockies led to the foundation of Canada's first national park in 1883. Dominated by stiff white peaks, mammoth lakes that gleam in hues of turquoise and aquamarine, an arsenal of dense conifer trees, and a constant inflow of diaphanous clouds that circle the summits of 120 million-year old mountains, Banff National Park offers incomparable facets of nature's beauty. The highest of these alpine wonders is Mount Forbes, towering at an altitude of 11,850 feet (3,612 meters), while the crown jewel of the Banff is the gorgeous Moraine Lake, tinted a deep blue by glacier waters. Over 1,600 kilometers (994.19 miles) of alpine trails are wrapped around the park's sprawling expanse, and the Banff Legacy Trail, a stunning paved trail offers opportunities for walking and cycling. Spectacular panoramas are just around the corner at Banff National Park, a glorious gateway for astonishing alpine sceneries.



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