Historic Core

Historic Core

Neighborhood · Los Angeles, California


The Historic Core is a district within Downtown Los Angeles that includes the world's largest concentration of movie palaces, former large department stores, and office towers, all built chiefly between 1907 and 1931. Within it lie the Broadway Theater District and the Spring Street historic financial district, and in its west it overlaps with the Jewelry District and in its east with Skid Row. The Historic Core falls into two business improvement districts, Historic Core and Downtown LA. The total Historic Core is thus composed of: Los Angeles Street from 2nd to 6th streets, Spring Street and Main Street from 2nd to 7th streets, Broadway from 2nd to 9th streets, Hill Street from 2nd to 10th streetsPlease consult the articles about the individual streets and historic districts above for a full discussion of the architectural landmarks in the district.

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